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Morning session

Hammered out a solid morning session today with the whole crew.  We definitely scored some solid shots and video with the good lighting.

Beach Day!

The conditions were looking good and everyone’s spirits were high so it was decided that we’d all leave for a 2 hour ride to an onshore beach break.  Well a two hour bus ride turned into a 3 hour bus ride with a bunch of rowdy kiters.  We got to the beach and the conditions were looking promising.  There was light onshore wind and the major of the area had prepared lunch for everyone.

After a great buffet of prawns, fish, egg rolls and chicken, everyone went outside and were greeted with heavy rain.  The wind was up but the rain was so strong there was almost no visibility.  We ran down to the beach and huddled in some grass shacks.  The rain cleared after about 15 minutes but the wind wasn’t happening – we got a game of beach volley ball going and that went well.  One of the poachers, Su, rigged up a 14 and was able to go back and forth in the shorebreak but not get off the beach.  The last big rain squall pushed enough wind through for Su to get a few runs off the beach.

During this time Mauricio was surfing with some of the locals while the entire crew watched and judged the fake “heat.”  He ended up losing to the local surfer who’s knowledge of the break gave him the advantage.

Afterwards everyone piled back into the car for the 3 hour ride back to CWC.  Spirits were high even though we didn’t get any kiting.  Tomorrow is looking like another good day on the cable!

Another Day of Riding

Everyone had clicked in at this stage and there were a few different crews hitting everything available.  The winch park had been completely redone with 2.0 systems and all the step down pools were working.  A few people were riding and shooting the small gap while a few of the other riders went strait to the stair set.

It Begins

Wind or No Wind officially kicked off today.  Offically meaning all the invited riders and poachers signed in and received their jerseys, and everyone got a good session in on the cable.  A lot of the riders had been at CWC for a few days prior so the riding was already at the level of last year.

Wind or No Wind 2011 – First Day!

So the Wind or No Wind finally kicked off. The entire entourage has rolled into town after a few days. All the usual suspects are here.  Aaron, Tom, Sam, Dre, Morris, Jamie, James… the list goes on.  There’s also a large amount of poachers in town this year and they’re stoked!

After the morning mist blew through the cable was on fire with everyone riding.  CWC has upgraded their System 2.0 pools since last year.  There are now 3 large step down pools, including the stair set from last year and a new double stair set.  All the 2.0s have full time operators so you can ride them whenever you want.  The smaller pools are perfect for wake skating, while the larger stair sets are good for testing your skills against hard concrete.

One rider obviously missing this year is Moehau Goold.  The Tahitian has decided to go MIA.  The Goose…   is LOST.  If anyone has any information about the Goose please send it to us, thanks!

The format for this year is looking to be similar to last year.  Mauricio and the local government have gone out of their way to make sure every day is packed full of things to do.  Their talk of hitting another beach for some wave kiting, and of course the obstacle course is always looming in the back of everyone’s minds.

Stay tuned for the latest updates as the Wind or No Wind 2011 shifts into full gear!

The WONW will be on soon…

It’s been a crazy few months but we’ve got everything organized for the 2011 WONW Board Jam. Some of the riders are already heading to CWC… Stoked!! Stay tuned for updates from one of the worlds best playground!!

WONW full trailer

Here is a full trailer of everything that went down at the 2010 WONW board Jam. This is a short version of what the Webisodes will be like. Stay tuned….

Tom & Brandon GoPro Clip

Here is a clip that Tom Court made with some of the action that went down during the GoPro Challenge at the WONW last year, stay tune for full release of the Challenges and everything else about the WONW this spring…